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Lala Jagdish Prasad and Company has a rich history of 55 years in the business of manufacturers, extractors, exporters and suppliers of all type of herbal oil, attars, essential oils and floral waters, being extracted and distilled from natural flowers.

As already mentioned above, that it has been our family tradition to produce pure Natural Indian Attars, Pure Natural Absolute Oils, Pure Essential Oils and Pure Floral Water, without any use of synthetic or harmful chemicals. Since our great grand fathers were of the opinion that our product should not harm any body even at the time of production or use. We still have in our mind the humanity and environment, at the time of manufacture of our products.For procurement of flowers, which is one of the main and most essential raw materials of our business, we procure the same from our own farms. To maintain the quality, we never use any chemical or fertilizers and let them grow in their natural habitat.

Reason behind the same is that we know that our products have many useful values, when it is used with edibles, have medicinal values always come in touch with human skin.In order to give our valued customers, a full confident and genuine products, our extracting unit, farm houses, flower gardens, fields are always open for visits.


Lala Jagdish Prasad & Company Specialized in the Production and Export of High-Quality ESSENTIAL ROSE OIL & ROSE WATER. The Company owns several Rose Plantations in the world- famous ROSE VALLEY.

Your search for the genuine suppliers, manufacturers, distillers having their own distillation plant of 100% pure, genuine, concentrated, steam/hydro distilled, non-alcoholic, natural, organic certified, Natural Essential Oils, Natural Indian Attars, Floral Waters, various Perfumery Compounds ends with us.Our products are shipped worldwide to customers in Europe, United States and Asia. Company's headquarters in India and sales agents in the United States and Hong Kong provide expert service to ensure utmost satisfaction to our valued customers.

Bulk Supplier of Rose Oil & Rose Water Lala Jagdish Prasad & Co. (INDIA)

For a very small amount of money you buy a very large amount of peace! For centuries pure rose oil has been used for healing, balancing, romance and pleasure. Carry your rose oil with you. Simply inhale…and the fragrance stays for hours. Truly, where the rose fragrance lingers…peace reigns.

Look no where else....
A company established 80 years back with the motto to serve the customers with pure, natural, genuine products. Even in this age of cut throat competition, we do not compromise with the quality, but are much more economical than many lower rated non-genuine products.

Lala Jagdish Prasad & Co. is certified by these Natural Organic Research Centers :
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