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CLARY SAGE OIL (Salvia Sclarea )

Clary sage essential oil is extracted from  Salivia sclarea of the Labiatae family and is also known as clary, clary wort, muscatel sage, clear eye, see bright and eye bright (but not to be confused with the common herb also called eyebright (Euphrasia).Although not a cheap oil, clary sage oil has great benefits - not only for easing depression  and nervous burn-out, but for a host of female complaints and for relieving congested complexions.A clear to pale yellow essential oil, Clary sage has a sweet, nutty fragrance, somewhat herbaceous.The viscosity is watery, viscous if the leaves are included in the distillation.

clary sage oil
clary sage oil
Specification of Clary Sage Oil
Product Code LJP/CSO
Name Clary Sage Oil
Botanical Name Salvia Sclarea
Obtain Steam distillation from flowering tops & herbs
Appearance pale yellow

Clary sage has an interesting history that reveals itself in the names which were applied to this plant. Medieval authors called the herb "clear eye" and considered it beneficial in healing visual problems. The name "clary" is derived from the Latin word "clarus" meaning clear. Nicholas Culpepper, an early herbalist, said the sticky mucilage from the seeds, when put into the eyes, would clear away any foreign objects. In the middle ages it was known as "Oculus Christi" the "eyes of Christ". In Germany clary sage was known as "muscatel sage" because it resembled muscatel wine. Dishonest merchants would adulterate their muscatel wine with clary sage. This often produced a heightened state of intoxication. In sixteenth century England clary sage was substituted for hops in the production of beer.




A clear to pale yellow essential oil, Clary sage has a sweet, nutty fragrance, somewhat herbaceous.

The viscosity is watery, viscous if the leaves are included in the distillation.

It is a native to southern Europe and is a stout biennial herb that grows up to 1 meter (3 feet) tall with large, hairy leaves and small blue/ white flowers growing directly off the long, thin stem. It is cultivated for oil production in France and Russia.The name is derived from the Latin 'Claris' that means 'clear' or from the Greek 'Skeria' meaning 'hardness', referring to the hard parts of the flower petals.

clary sage oil
It was known in the Middle Ages as 'Oculus Christi' - the 'Eye of Christ' and was a highly esteemed medicine.In Jamaica, it was used amongst the local people for cleaning and cooling ulcers and for inflammation of the eyes.

Benefits / Uses

May help in skin care, high blood pressure, pains and aches, throat infections, labour pains, depression etc. Excellant oil in diffuse

Clary sage is calming to the nervous system, particularly in cases of depression, stress, insomnia and deep seated tension. It furthermore is a good tonic for the womb and female functions in general, such as painful periods, scanty menstruation and relaxation during labor, thus encouraging a less painful birth.

During menopause, clary sage oil can help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.

It is good for muscle pains, digestive disorders, kidney diseases and the cooling of inflammation of the skin.

Safety Data
It is Non-toxic, non-irritant & non-sensitizing, Avoid during pregnancy. Do not use this oil while drinking alcohal as it can induce a narcotic effect and exaggerate drunkenness.
Chemical Composition
The composition of Clary sage is somewhat unusual in that it is one of only a few essential oils with a high percentage of esters. (Others are Lavender and Petitgrain) Clary Sage contains about 75% of the ester known as linalyl acetate. Esters as a group are generally safe and gentle in their actions and free from hazards (a notable exception is methyl salicylate). Esters have anti-inflammatory properties and are considered balancing to the nervous system. Sclareol is a terpenoid alcohol present in small amounts (0.1-3%) and is responsible for the estrogen like qualities of clary sage.
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