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Natural Absolute Oil
All absolutes are sold by weight. An absolute is a highly concentrated product obtained as a result of using thousands of pounds of botanical matter. Absolutes are quite dense and difficult to appreciate in their solid or partially solid state. An absolute contains alcohol-soluble waxes and the volatile oil of the original plant material from which it was extracted. It’s best to dilute the absolute in a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil or jojoba are good choices), a fixative such as sandalwood or perfumer’s alcohol (or the highest grade vodka you can find). Alcohol would be the best choice as it will dilute the absolute totally.
Absolutes are not to be judged in their pure state. It takes time for a blend to develop body and character. It should be prepared, allowed to mellow over time, smelled, and smelled over and over again until you obtain the desired results. Some fixatives used when working with absolutes are sandalwood, vetiver, frankincense and Peru balsam.
Please keep in mind that first and foremost we’re an essential oil company and that just about every product we ship out of our fully air-conditioned warehouse will leave our premises with some type of aroma or other. Aside from essential oils, we also store a large number of herbs, fragrance and flavor oils. There’s no possible way that we can ship products that will not carry with them certain aromas which a small segment of our customers might find objectionable. Since all our sales are final and we don’t accept returns of any kind we’re disclosing this information for your review before you proceed with your order
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LJP/AO/001 - Angelica Root Absolute Oil
LJP/AO/002 - Jasmine Absolute Oil
LJP/AO/003 - Labdanum Absolute Oil (Rock Rose)
LJP/AO/004 - Lavender Absolute Oil (Dark Green)
LJP/AO/005 - Lotus Absolute Oil  (Pink)
LJP/AO/006 - Oakmoss Absolute Oil
LJP/AO/007 - Rose Absolute Oil
LJP/AO/008 - Vanilla Absolute Oil
LJP/AO/009 - Violet Leaf Absolute Oil

LJP/AO/010 - Coconut Absolute

LJP/AO/011 - Cocoa Absolute

LJP/AO/012 - Apple Absolute
LJP/AO/013 - Apple Pear Absolute
LJP/AO/014 - Arabian Jasmine Absolute
LJP/AO/015 - Guava Absolute
LJP/AO/016 - Mango Absolute
LJP/AO/017 - Patchouli Absolute
LJP/AO/018 - Peach Absolute
LJP/AO/019 - Sandal-Musk Absolute
LJP/AO/020 - Sandal-Rose Absolute
LJP/AO/021 - Strawberry Absolute

LJP/AO/022 - Rose(Bulgarian) Absolute

LJP/AO/023 - Tobacco Absolute

LJP/AO/024 - Frangipani Absolute
LJP/AO/025 - Blue Lotus Absolute
LJP/AO/026 - White Lotus Absolute
LJP/AO/027 - Mimosa Absolute
LJP/AO/028 - Oak Moss Absolute
LJP/AO/029 - Orange Blossom Absolute
LJP/AO/030 - Tuberose Absolute
LJP/AO/031 - Carnation Absolute
LJP/AO/032 - Acacia Absolute
LJP/AO/033 - Carnation Absolute
LJP/AO/034 - Cherry Absolute
LJP/AO/035 - Egyptian Musk Absolute
LJP/AO/036 - English Musk Absolute
LJP/AO/037 - Rosewood Absolute
LJP/AO/038 - Saffron Absolute
LJP/AO/039 - Ginger Absolute
LJP/AO/040 - Marigold Absolute
LJP/AO/041 - Myrrh Absolute
LJP/AO/042 - Sweet Basil Absolute
LJP/AO/043 - Oleander Absolute
LJP/AO/044 - Champaca Absolute

Packing: 100 ml to 1 Kg

All absolutes are available in stock !

How to Prepare

It is very common in large-scale operations to remove the oil from cracked seeds at low temperature with a non-toxic fat solvent such as hexane. When a plant such as jasmine contains very little oil or when the odorous properties of flavor and plant materials would be destroyed or altered by steam or water distillation, solvent extraction is used. The solvent is percolated through the plant material in order to produce concrete. The plants constituents including essential oils, fatty acids and waxes are dissolved by a solvent. After the solvent is distilled off, the remaining constituents make up the concrete. Alcohol is used to extract the essential oil from the other constituents. Since the waxes and fatty acids are not alcohol soluble, they are separated. The alcohol is then released through secondary distillation, leaving the absolute oil behind


Storage and Handling

Absolute Oils should be stored in dark, air-tight, glass bottles. The oils should be kept away from heat. If care is taken with storage, some absolutes can last for up to 5 years.
Both absolute and essential oils should always be handled with care as they can be harmful. If you are not familiar with these oils, be sure to consult with an aromatherapy practioner before using them.
Essential Oil Safety
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Safety
Never use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as a substitute for necessary medical care. Keep oils tightly closed and out of reach of children. Never ingest undiluted essential oils. Don't use undiluted oils on your skin. Dilute oils with vegetable oils, one to three drops per tablespoon. Keep oils away from eyes and mucous membranes. Skin test oils before using. Dilute a small amount and apply to the skin of your inner arm or back of knee. Do not use if redness or irritation occurs. If redness, burning, itching or irritation occur, stop using oil immediately. Use less rather than more.


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